Juan Gutiérrez

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BACKGROUND The Institute of Medicine calls for the use of clinical guidelines and practice parameters to promote "best practices" and to improve patient outcomes. OBJECTIVE 2007 update of the 2002 American College of Critical Care Medicine Clinical Guidelines for Hemodynamic Support of Neonates and Children with Septic Shock. PARTICIPANTS Society of(More)
It has been argued that the aim of non-linearities in different visual and auditory mechanisms may be to remove the relations between the coefficients of the signal after global linear ICA-like stages. Specifically, in Schwartz and Simoncelli (2001), it was shown that masking effects are reproduced by fitting the parameters of a particular non-linearity in(More)
BACKGROUND Insulin secretion correlates inversely with insulin sensitivity, which may suggest the existence of a crosstalk between peripheral organs and pancreas. Such interaction might be mediated through glucose oxidation that may drive the release of circulating factors with action on insulin secretion. AIM To evaluate the association between(More)
A screen for HDAC6 inhibitors identified acyl derivatives of 4-(aminomethyl)-N-hydroxybenzamide as potent leads with unexpected selectivity over the other subtypes. We designed and synthesized constrained heterocyclic analogues such as tetrahydroisoquinolines that show further enhanced HDAC6 selectivity and inhibitory activity in cellular assays.(More)
1 It is provided a method for color image compression based on the following key steps: (1) expressing the coefficients of local space-frequency representation of achromatic and chromatic opponent channels in perceptually meaningful contrast units, (2) applying divisive normalization non-linearities including relations among the coefficients of the(More)
Introduction: There is an enormous interest about improving international comparisons to provide relevant information for policy and planning in mental health. Most of the available information is provided at the macro-level (countries or regions). However, information gathered at the meso-level may diverge from data aggregated at higher territorial levels.(More)