Juan Guillermo Torres Hurtado

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This article describes the first demonstration of ring resonators based on vertical multiple-slot silicon nitride waveguides. The design, fabrication and measurement of multiple-slot waveguide ring resonators with several coupling distances and ring radii (70 microm, 90 microm and 110 microm) have been carried out for TE and TM polarizations at the(More)
We experimentally demonstrate a low-loss multilayered metamaterial exhibiting a double-negative refractive index in the visible spectral range. To this end, we exploit a second-order magnetic resonance of the so-called fishnet structure. The low-loss nature of the employed magnetic resonance, together with the effect of the interacting adjacent layers,(More)
The integration of active materials on silicon is emerging as a promising field in silicon photonics to improve the performance metrics of key photonic components, in particular active components. Active materials allow tuning their optical properties as function of external stimuli. Amongst them, vanadium dioxide (VO<sub>2</sub>) has been largely(More)
Increasing development of new technologies of wireless communication joined to the dependency that has generated the services of the Internet in our society due to the infinity of applications that it has, permit us to forecast the dominion that will have the use of the word wide web like means of control and organization in our lives. The intention of this(More)
Space–time alignment We obtained Fig. 1d and e by correlating the spatial position of the dendritic field of the DS cell with the time response of the input currents. The position of the stimulus was known at all points in time and could therefore be aligned with the position of the dendrites. The horizontal scale of the figure was adjusted using the(More)
In this Letter, we present the design, simulation (2D and 3D), fabrication, and experimental characterization of compact and fully etched focusing gratings for a horizontal slot waveguide based on a silicon nitride layer sandwiched between amorphous silicon and a silicon-on-insulator. The measured coupling losses are about 4 dB with a 3 dB bandwidth of 38(More)
An ultra-low power 2&#x00D7;2 photonic switch based on VO<sub>2</sub>/Si technology is proposed. The switch structure consists of an add-drop ring resonator with a footprint below 50 &#x03BC;m<sup>2</sup>. The waveguide structure is based on a fully etched silicon waveguide with a VO<sub>2</sub> film on top of it. Electro-optical switching is achieved by(More)
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