Juan González-Meneses

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We give a new method to compute the centralizer of an element in Artin braid groups and, more generally, in Garside groups. This method, together with the solution of the conjugacy problem given by the authors in [9], are two main steps for solving conjugacy systems, thus breaking recently discovered cryptosystems based in braid groups [2]. We also present(More)
The cycling operation is a special kind of conjugation that can be applied to elements in Artin’s braid groups, in order to reduce their length. It is a key ingredient of the usual solutions to the conjugacy problem in braid groups. In their seminal paper on braid-cryptography, Ko, Lee et al. proposed the cycling problem as a hard problem in braid groups(More)
In this paper a relation between iterated cyclings and iterated powers of elements in a Garside group is shown. This yields a characterization of elements in a Garside group having a rigid power, where ‘rigid’ means that the left normal form changes only in the obvious way under cycling and decycling. It is also shown that, given X in a Garside group, if(More)