Juan González-Hernández

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The aim is to compare the mean values of the in vivo electrical characteristics of biological active points (BAPs) with those of the surrounding human skin. The impedance measurements at BAPs and on the surrounding skin are carried out in vivo on ten young, healthy people. The results of the measurements show that the BAP resistance RP is smaller, and the(More)
—Games with remote controls and motion sensors that require the players to move, so-called exergames, have become very popular. Many of these games are also being played by the senior population. Participating in regular training sessions outside their homes can be challenging for elderly, and it is hard to motivate oneself to exercise regularly alone at(More)
This paper concerns the existence and characterization of optimal randomized strategies for some constrained optimization and control problems. We first present a characterization of the extreme points of a set of randomized strategies that satisfy n moment-like constraints. Conditions are given under which those extreme points are randomizations of at most(More)
The paper deals with a class of discrete-time stochastic control processes under a discounted optimality criterion with random discount rate, and possibly unbounded costs. The state process {xt} and the discount process {αt} evolve according to the coupled difference equations xt+1 = F (xt, αt, at, ξt), αt+1 = G(αt, ηt) where the state and discount(More)
INTRODUCTION Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is the main neurological diagnosis in Chilean children. Its profile and evolution in adults has not been appropriately studied, despise its personal and social impact. AIM To describe the characteristics of adults with ADHD evaluated in a memory unit, verifying the existence of differences(More)