Juan González-Gómez

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— In this paper, a new method for solving the inverse kinematics of the fingers of an anthropomorphic hand is proposed. Our approach combines a Modified Selectively Damped Least Squares (MSDLS) and Jacobian Transpose (JT) methods. The main advantages of this method with respect to the ordinary SDLS are: optimal Cartesian increment, shorter computation time(More)
— The motion of wheeled mobile robots is inherently based on their wheels' rolling capabilities. The assumption is that each wheel can rotate indefinitely, forward and backwards. This is the starting point for all motion control mechanisms of wheeled robots. In this paper, a new motion capability of differential mobile robots with limited wheel rotation(More)
For many years robotics has been benefited from the open source community. Software community projects like Player, Stage, Gazebo, ROS, or OpenCV are present in most robotic applications. In recent years this trend has also been initiated among electronic and mechanical developments (open hardware). The Arduino development platform is a good example of a(More)
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