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Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) wear particles play a significant role in failures of total joint replacements (TJRs). In this work, we investigated the distribution of these wear particles in periprosthetic tissues obtained from nine revisions of hip TJR. In the first step, all periprosthetic tissues were combined and mechanically(More)
Neuroblasts represent the predominant migrating cell type in the adult mouse brain. There are, however, increasing evidences of migration of other neural precursors. This work aims at identifying in vivo endogenous early neural precursors, different from neuroblasts, able to migrate in response to brain injuries. The monoclonal antibody Nilo1, which(More)
Iron oxide based nanoparticles are finding their way as leading actors in nanotechnology applications to medicine. Magnetite nanoparticles are currently being used in clinics for the detection of hepatic tumors based on their unspecific accumulation in liver. More and more works are being published on potential applications of magnetic nanoparticles in(More)
Mouse L-929 cells (a fibroblast-like line) were transferred from normal growth medium to one supplemented with 0.3 M sorbitol, doubling the normal external osmotic pressure. After a short lag phase and minimal cell death, the cells began to grow, and the growth rate reached that of controls after about one week. These chronically grown cells (S) have been(More)
Current performance of iron oxide nanoparticle-based contrast agents in clinical use is based on the unspecific accumulation of the probes in certain organs or tissues. Specific targeted biofunctional nanoparticles would significantly increase their potential as diagnostic and therapeutic tools in vivo. In this study, multimodal fluorescent/magnetic(More)
Adult neurogenesis is restricted to specific brain regions. Although involved in the continuous supply of interneurons for the olfactory function, the role of neural precursors in brain damage-repair remains an open question. Aiming to in vivo identify endogenous neural precursor cells migrating towards a brain damage site, the monoclonal antibody Nilo2(More)
A versatile nanoplatform based on magnetic glyconanoparticles (glyco-ferrites) to attach well-oriented antibodies is described. An efficient ligand exchange process has been used to prepare water-soluble 6-nm-sized core-shell Fe(3)O(4)@Au nanoparticles bearing amphiphilic carbohydrates and aliphatic ethylene glycol chains ended in a carboxyl group. The(More)
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