Juan Gabriel Rodríguez

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UNLABELLED Strong evidence supports the idea that fatty acids rather than carbohydrates are the main energy source of Mycobacterium tuberculosis during infection and latency. Despite that important role, a complete scenario of the bacterium's metabolism when lipids are the main energy source is still lacking. Here we report the development of an in vitro(More)
In the Results and Discussion section (PDF page 3, line 11), TCA should have been introduced as an abbreviation for tricarboxylic acid, not trichloroacetic acid. Erratum for Rodriguez et al., Global adaptation to a lipid environment triggers the dormancy-related phenotype of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. This is an open-access article distributed under the(More)
Majority voting and social evaluation functions are the main alternatives proposed in the literature for aggregating individual preferences. Despite these being very different, this paper shows that the ranking of income distributions, symmetric under the same transformation, by S-Gini consistent social evaluation functions and majority voting coincide if(More)
1 (very preliminary draft, please do not quote) Abstract Modern economic theory of justice recognizes that individual's outcome is a function of effort and circumstances. The measurement of equality of opportunity deals with those inequalities of outcome due to differential circumstances. Standard approaches assume an a priori division of individuals into(More)
This paper provides a set of sufficient conditions under which the preferences of an egalitarian social decision-maker accord with majority voting. We show that an additive and concave utilitarian social evaluation function is consistent with the outcomes of majority voting if we restrict the class of income distributions to those that are symmetric under(More)
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