Juan Francisco Muñoz-Camacho

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Ventricular arrhythmia is normally secondary to organic heart disease or ion disorders. On rare occasions, it may also be caused by extracardiac diseases, such as hyperthyroidism. We describe a 46-year-old woman who consulted for dyspnea, cough, and edema that had lasted three weeks. She reported no other symptoms and had not lost weight. Soon after her(More)
In this atypical case resulting in death, the first sign of the hyperadrenergic state was STEACS. Pheochromocytoma crises resembling AMI have been reported. The abnormalities were explained in terms of severe coronary vasospasm, direct myocardial damage by catecholamines, and increased oxygen uptake as a result of tachycardia and increased afterload.(More)
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