Juan Francisco Macias-Perez

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We report the results of a joint analysis of data from BICEP2/Keck Array and Planck. BICEP2 and Keck Array have observed the same approximately 400  deg^{2} patch of sky centered on RA 0 h, Dec. -57.5°. The combined maps reach a depth of 57 nK deg in Stokes Q and U in a band centered at 150 GHz. Planck has observed the full sky in polarization at seven(More)
We estimate the amount of the missing baryons detected by the Planck measurements of the cosmic microwave background in the direction of central galaxies (CGs) identified in the Sloan galaxy survey. The peculiar motion of the gas inside and around the CGs unveils values of the Thomson optical depth τ(T) in the range 0.2-2×10(-4), indicating that the regions(More)
We present constraints on the cosmological constant λ0 and the density parameter Ω0 from joint constraints from the analyses of gravitational lensing statistics of the Jodrell Bank-VLA Astrometric Survey (JVAS), optical gravitational lens surveys from the literature and CMB anisotropies. This is the first time that quantitative joint constraints involving(More)
We present the evolution of the full set of Einstein equations during preheating after inflation. We study a generic supersymmetric model of hybrid inflation, integrating fields and metric fluctuations in a 3-dimensional lattice. We take initial conditions consistent with Einstein's constraint equations. The induced preheating of the metric fluctuations is(More)
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