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Primary renal aspergillosis is an extremely rare entity. Only 19 cases have been reported, 3 of them in patients with AIDS. We report one new case of renal aspergillosis in a patient with AIDS. His disease pattern was multiple bilateral renal abscesses with a normal excretory pathway. The treatment established was percutaneous drainage and systemic(More)
OBJECTIVE Nocardiosis is a very rare, opportunistic infection caused by microorganisms of the genus Nocardia, and is associated with significant morbidity and mortality in kidney transplant patients receiving immunosuppressive therapy. MATERIAL AND METHODS Since 1980, our Renal Transplant Unit has carried out 1239 kidney transplants, and five cases of(More)
OBJECTIVES To estimate and compare recurrence rates, index of recurrence, and disease-free interval in patients with superficial recurrent bladder cancer receiving bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) or interferon (IFN) for immunoprophylaxis. METHODS One hundred twenty-two patients with recurrent superficial Stage pT1, grade 1 to 3 tumors were enrolled in a(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the utility of prostate ultrasound in the diagnosis of infravesical obstruction (IVO) and detrusor hyperactivity(DH). METHODS Prospective study with 39 patients consulting for LUTS. Clinical history was compiled, IPSS was determined, a digital rectal exam was performed, abdominal ultrasound was used to calculate detrusor(More)
OBJECTIVES The objective of this study was to evaluate efficacy, safety, and dose-response profiles of four dosing schemes of flutamide over 24 weeks. METHODS Patients were randomized to receive one of the following five treatment regimens for a period of 24 weeks: placebo capsule, flutamide capsules 125 mg twice daily, 250 mg once daily, 250 mg twice(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish the normal distribution and reference ranges of complexed and total prostate-specific antigen (PSA) and the complexed-to-total PSA ratio according to the age of the patients, so that PSA can be used to distinguish between prostate cancer and benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH). MATERIAL AND METHODS Using specific ELISAs, total PSA and(More)
PURPOSE We determined the prevalence of and risks factors for erectile dysfunction in Spain in a cross-sectional study. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 2,476 noninstitutionalized Spanish men 25 to 70 years old were interviewed at home and answered a self-administered questionnaire of 71 items, including 2 instruments to define erectile dysfunction, a(More)
We report 8 cases of self-inserted unusual foreign bodies in the lower urinary tract, all being treated from 1976 to 1990. Three of them were located in the urethra and 5 in the bladder. Several objects were found (electric cable, tweezers, hairpin, drawing pin, pebbles, paper clip). In 4 cases the objects were inserted for masturbatory purposes. Five of(More)