Juan Felipe Calderón

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2009, Alejandro Echeverría 2 To my parents, family and friends who supported me during this work and throughout my whole car eer. 3 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to thank all the people who helped me in completing this work. First I would like to thank Juan Felipe Calderón and Claudio Bravo, for their help developing the application and testing it in the(More)
Common bean can be grown as a grain crop (dry beans) or as a fresh vegetable (snap beans/green beans), both items being important in nutritional terms for providing essential minerals and vitamins to the diet. Snap beans are thought to be derived predominantly from dry beans of the Andean genepool and to be of a recent European origin; however, the(More)
—Mobile technologies have emerged as facilitators in the learning process, extending traditional classroom activities. However, engineering mobile learning applications for outdoor usage poses severe challenges. The requirements of these applications are challenging, as many different aspects need to be catered, such as resource access and sharing,(More)
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