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Chemo-Enzymatic Synthesis of (13)C Labeled Complex N-Glycans As Internal Standards for the Absolute Glycan Quantification by Mass Spectrometry.
Methods for the absolute quantification of glycans are needed in glycoproteomics, during development and production of biopharmaceuticals and for the clinical analysis of glycan disease markers. HereExpand
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Lectin-array blotting: profiling protein glycosylation in complex mixtures.
By combining electrophoretic protein separation with lectin-array-based glycan profiling into a single experiment, we have developed a high-throughput method for the rapid analysis of proteinExpand
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Methods for the absolute quantification of N-glycan biomarkers.
BACKGROUND Many treatment options especially for cancer show a low efficacy for the majority of patients demanding improved biomarker panels for patient stratification. Changes in glycosylation are aExpand
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Three-dimensional arrays using glycoPEG tags: glycan synthesis, purification and immobilisation.
Glycan arrays have become the premier tool for rapidly establishing the binding or substrate specificities of lectins and carbohydrate-processing enzymes. New approaches for accelerating carbohydrateExpand
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Carbohydrate-Binding Non-Peptidic Pradimicins for the Treatment of Acute Sleeping Sickness in Murine Models
Current treatments available for African sleeping sickness or human African trypanosomiasis (HAT) are limited, with poor efficacy and unacceptable safety profiles. Here, we report a new approach toExpand
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On the molecular interaction between albumin and ibuprofen: An AFM and QCM-D study.
The adsorption of proteins on surfaces often results in a change of their structural behavior and consequently, a loss of bioactivity. One experimental method to study interactions on a molecularExpand
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La implicación en el trabajo familiar : fuentes de influencia e implicaciones educativas
espanolEn este artIculo, se presentan las conclusiones de una investigacion exploratoria y descriptivo-comparativa llevada a cabo en el Pais Vasco con una muestra formada por un total de 1.651Expand
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