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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE An alanine to valine exchange at amino acid position 280 (A280V) in the third intracellular loop of the human histamine H₃ receptor was first identified in a patient suffering(More)
High levels of histamine H3 receptors (H3Rs) are found in the globus pallidus (GP), a neuronal nucleus in the basal ganglia involved in the control of motor behavior. By using rat GP isolated nerve(More)
Histamine H3 receptors (H3Rs) signal through Gαi/o proteins and are found in neuronal cells as auto- and hetero-receptors. Alternative splicing of the human H3R (hH3R) originates 20 isoforms, and the(More)
We have investigated the effect of the local activation of histamine H3 receptors (H3Rs) in the rat prefrontal cortex (PFCx) on the impairment of pre-pulse inhibition (PPI) of the startle response(More)
In stably-transfected human neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y cells, we have compared the effect of activating two isoforms of 445 and 365 amino acids of the human histamine H3 receptor (hH3R445 and hH3R365) on(More)