Juan E. Iglesias

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The different close-packed polytypes MX and MX2 have been enumerated for each of the possible space groups by counting the corresponding Zhdanov symbols for each space group and period of stacking, P, by the use of elementary combinatorial techniques. In special cases, simple closed formulae are obtained for these numbers as functions of P. The symmetry(More)
The relationship between the space-group symmetry of a close packing of equal balls of repeat period P and the symmetry properties of its representing Zhdanov symbol is analyzed. Proofs are straightforward when some symmetry is assumed for the stacking, and it is investigated how this symmetry is reflected in the structure of the Zhdanov symbol. Most of(More)
Solid-state compatibility and melting relationships in the subsystem Al2O3–MgAl2O4–CaAl4O7 were studied by firing and quenching selected samples located in the isopletal section (CaOzMgO)–Al2O3. The samples then were examined using X-ray diffractomtery, optical microscopy, and scanning and transmission electron microscopies with wavelengthand(More)
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