Juan Diego Fernandez

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Ooplasmic segregation in the late interphase zygote of the leech Theromyzon trizonare is accomplished by reorganization of an ectoplasmic cytoskeleton formed by polar rings and meridional bands. The dynamic properties of this cytoskeleton were explored by time-lapse confocal and video microscopy. Cytoskeleton assembly was investigated in zygotes(More)
People can be classified as attracted to both sexes, to men, to women, or to neither sex, and also as instrumental-expressive, instrumental, expressive, or non-instrumental-expressive. The two hypotheses tested herein are, on the one hand, the relative independence between these two typologies and, on the other, the close relation between sexual dimorphism(More)
The creation of accommodation space in subaerial sedimentary environments is closely linked to uplift the source area (along basin – margin faults) or to a rise in base level. Depending (amongst others) on the relative importance of these two factors, the margins of terrestrial sedimentary basins (where alluvial fans develop) produce aggradational,(More)
Patterns of cytoplasmic movements and organization of transport pathways were examined in live or fixed zygotes and early zebrafish embryos using a variety of techniques. The zygote blastodisc grows by accumulation of ooplasm, transported to the animal pole from distinct sectors of ecto- and endoplasm at different speeds and developmental periods, using(More)
The two most used instruments to assess masculinity (M) and femininity (F) are the Bem Sex Role Inventory (BSRI) and the Personality Attributes Questionnaire (PAQ). Two hypotheses will be tested: a) multidimensionality versus bidimensionality, and b) to what extent the two instruments, elaborated to measure the same constructs, classify subjects in the same(More)
Reference panels from the 1000 Genomes (1000G) Project Consortium provide near complete coverage of common and low-frequency genetic variation with minor allele frequency ≥0.5% across European ancestry populations. Within the European Network for Genetic and Genomic Epidemiology (ENGAGE) Consortium, we have undertaken the first large-scale meta-analysis of(More)
Tectonic control is revealed in various ways (synsedimentary deformation structures, facies, architecture) in the coarse-grained delta systems that developed in the southeastern margin of the Guadix Basin, an intramontane basin in the central sector of the Betic Cordillera, Spain, during the late Tortonian (Miocene). Vertical trends in the architecture of(More)
The aim of this work is to determine when and how ooplasmic segregation is initiated in the zebrafish egg. To this end, the organization of the ooplasm and vitelloplasm were examined in oocytes and eggs shortly after activation. Ooplasmic segregation, initiated in the stage V oocyte, led to the formation of ooplasmic domains rich in organelles, and(More)
The extreme dependence on external oxygen supply observed in animals causes major clinical problems and several diseases are related to low oxygen tension in tissues. The vast majority of the animals do not produce oxygen but a few exceptions have shown that photosynthetic capacity is physiologically compatible with animal life. Such symbiotic(More)
After the fourfold gender typology (1970s), a dual model--gender schematic versus aschematic individuals--emerged in the 1980s. In this research, the relationship between gender schemas and attitudes towards women's rights were tested. Two studies were carried out (2001 and 2009) with adolescents (boys and girls) from 12 to 14 years old, with 359(More)