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Diaphragmatic hernias (DH) are an unusual complication after pediatric liver transplantation; however, they have been reported with increased frequency in the past few years. DHs are responsible for nearly half of the small bowel obstructions requiring surgical intervention in this patient population. It has been suggested that the use of a left lobe liver(More)
BACKGROUND Large multicenter gastric cancer endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD) studies conducted at major Japanese institutions have reported en bloc resection, en bloc tumor-free margin resection, and curative resection rates of 92.7% to 96.1%, 82.6% to 94.5%, and 73.6% to 85.4%, respectively, with delayed bleeding and perforation rates of 0.6% to 6.0%(More)
BACKGROUND Prior liver transplantation and immunosuppression potentially translate into significant morbidity and poor outcomes after any type of pancreatic surgery. Little is known about the outcomes of pancreatic surgery after liver transplantation. This study was designed to review our experience regarding the indications and outcomes of pancreatic(More)
We present a novel approach for recreating life-like experiences through an easy and natural gesture-based interaction. By focusing on the locations and transforming the role of the user, we are able to significantly maximise the understanding of an ancient cultural practice, behaviour or event over traditional approaches. Technology-based virtual(More)
Cigarette smoke is known to be a risk for the development of intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR). Our objective was to assess the effects of secondhand smoke (SHS) during pregnancy and to what extent it regulates the activation of mTOR family members and murine trophoblast invasion. Mice were treated to SHS for 4 days. Placental and fetal weights were(More)
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