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Historical processes constrain metacommunity structure by shaping different pools of invertebrate taxa within the Orinoco basin
AIM: To identify and characterize the distribution of invertebrate taxa in the Orinoco basin and how their distribution affects the metacommunity structure along the river network. LOCATION: Meta andExpand
The response patterns of stream biofilms to urban sewage change with exposure time and dilution.
Urban wastewater inputs are a relevant pollution source to rivers, contributing a complex mixture of nutrients, organic matter and organic microcontaminants to these systems. Depending on theirExpand
Trait-based responses of caddisfly assemblages to the partial channelization of a High-Andean stream
The importance of channel complexity in maintaining biological integrity and ecosystem functioning has been addressed by several researchers. In spite of this, High-Andean streams are beingExpand
Upstream refugia and dispersal ability may override benthic-community responses to high-Andean streams deforestation
Deforestation is a major driver of biodiversity loss in the Tropical region, but the role of upstream refugia and dispersal ability on the community response to this disturbance is unknown. WeExpand
Colombian ecosystems at the crossroad after the new peace deal
After more than 50 years of struggle, Colombia’s armed conflict apparently is close to an end. The agreement between the Colombian Government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) wasExpand
Movement behavior of a tropical mammal: The case of Tapirus terrestris
Animal movement characteristics are not species-specific traits, but rather individual features that respond to various selective pressures. To understand patterns of animal movements, it isExpand
[Key to chironomid pupal exuviae (Diptera: Chironomidae) of tropical high Andean streams].
The Chironomidae is a cosmopolitan family of Nematoceran flies with more than 20,000 species described. However the diversity of genera and species of the family in the Andean region beyond the 2,000Expand
Changes in invertebrate assemblage structure as affected by the flow regulation of a páramo river
Flow regulation can alter the structure and dynamics of lotic communities, especially in rivers with unpredictable high-flow events, such as those flowing through the Paramo, an endemic ecosystem ofExpand
High water flow velocity reduces beta diversity and leads to a distinct composition of Oligochaeta in Neotropical lotic ecosystems
Water flow velocity is a strong environmental filter structuring benthic communities in lotic ecosystems. While many studies have determined its effect on the distribution and diversity patterns ofExpand
Habitat simplification changes temporal patterns of invertebrate beta diversity in a high-Andean stream
ABSTRACT Several studies have revealed that beta-diversity patterns are tightly coupled to differences in habitat heterogeneity and the spatial distance among headwaters. However, addressing theExpand