Juan D. Osorio

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This paper presents UnaCloud, an opportunistic Infraestructure as a Service implementation oriented to academic and research institutions, where the IaaS model is supported through the opportunistic use of idle computing resources available in the institution campus, providing researchers with significant and low cost computing capabilities. Also presented(More)
Diabetes is one of the foremost causes of death in many countries and a leading cause of blindness, renal failure, and non-traumatic amputation. Therefore, diabetic foot ulceration and amputation cause extensive burden on individuals and health care systems in developed and developing countries. Due to the multidisciplinary requirements for the treatment of(More)
This paper presents a concept for an e-Science oriented opportunistic cloud computing service with QoS assurances, as an infrastructure to offer to researchers computing resources with the flexibility and ease of use of a cloud computing service, supported through the opportunistic use of the idle computing resources available in academic institutions, with(More)
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