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The Journal Computación y Sistemas, since its creation, it has been characterized for being a space for the publication of scientific papers, that although is related to the Computing Science, could be part of some other research areas. The original idea to bring an heterogeneous forum around a same area of knowledge human to expose the new scientific(More)
In almost all non-human primate species kinship, sex and rank bias the patterning of interactions among subjects, seemingly in a way that favours the individual's fitness. A number of studies have been done in order to study separately the effects of these variables, concluding that an adequate model of interactions cannot be developed assuming(More)
Dung's abstract argumentation frameworks has been object of intense study not just for its relationship with logical reasoning but also for its uses within artificial intelligence. One research branch in abstract argumentation has focused on finding new methods for computing its different semantics. We present a novel method, to the best of our knowledge,(More)
Modern machine learning and data analysis hinge on sophisticated search techniques. In general, exploration in high-dimensional and multi-modal spaces is needed. Some algorithms that imitate certain natural principles, the so-called evolutionary algorithms, have been used in different aspects of Environmental Science and have found numerous applications in(More)
The design of a real-time system revolves heavily around a model known as a task schedule, which allots computational resources to executing tasks, i.e. programs. Many different scheduling algorithms have been invented, all of which depend on a set of temporal properties relevant to each task. One such property is the Worst Case Execution Time (WCET),(More)
The behavior of the series-parallel resonant converter with a capacitor as output filter is analyzed when operating under optimum switching conditions. A polynomial is deduced to quickly compute what switching frequency and duty cycle are necessary at the control to obtain the desired output voltage and power in the converter. This polynomial is so simple(More)
Capacitive De-Ionization (CDI) is becoming a suitable alternative for desalination. The low cost of the materials required and its reduced energy consumption can be critical factors for developing this technique. CDI technology does not require a high-pressure system and the energy storage capability of CDI cells allows it to be reused in other CDI cells,(More)