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Despite an incredible amount of progress toward understanding respiratory rhythm generation through the use of reduced mathematical models, controversy exists concerning the role of various ionic conductances in generating bursting behavior. Moreover, the dynamical behavior of these model neurons has not been examined. Here, we have used two well described(More)
A physically based scalable model for MOS Varactors is presented. The model includes a PSP-based analytical surface potential charge formulation, MOS varactor specific gate current models, and physical geometry and process parameter based parasitic modeling. Key device performances of capacitance and quality factor Q are validated over voltage, frequency,(More)
Later rather than sooner , one of the versions would function, and be selected for production. As these products are plugged into larger scale integrated chips, the high development cost and cycles associated with these technologies make it difficult to survive using this shotgun approach. When microwave circuits enter the mixed-signal world, they must(More)
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