Juan Comesaña

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Aristotle's discussion of perceiving that we perceive (On the Soul .) has points of contact with two contemporary debates about consciousness: the first over whether consciousness is an intrinsic feature of mental states or a higher-order thought or perception; the second concerning the qualitative nature of experience. In both cases, Aristotle's views(More)
" … any confusion between the ideas suggested by science and science itself must be carefully avoided. " – Jacques Monod, Chance and Necessity, p. xiii. Does evolutionary theory have implications about the existence of supernatural entities? This question concerns the logical relationships that hold between the theory of evolution and different bits of(More)
Exotic ontologies are all the rage. Distant from common sense and often science as well, views like mereological essentialism, nihilism, and four-dimensionalism appeal to our desire to avoid arbitrariness, anthropocentrism, and metaphysical conundrums. 1 Such views are defensible only if they are materially adequate, only if they can " reconstruct " the(More)
In our reply to Williamson, we offered models where traditional Gettier cases arise but which differ from Williamson's models in three related respects: first, non-traditional, fake-barn style Gettier cases do not arise in our models ; second, knowledge iterates in our models; and, finally, our models do not have the Moorish consequences of Williamson's(More)
This actually happened at the dinner table recently. Me, to wife Athena: How's that new bar on King St.? Athena: Too much attitude. Sophia, our eight-year old: What does that mean? Pause. Me: Means that they're kind of snobby. Sophia: What does that mean? Me: Means that that they have too much attitude. Sophia's disappointment in me, at least in this case,(More)
There has been much debate about whether visual experiences have high-level contents, such as the content that something is a lemon, or that one event is a cause of another, or that someone is in pain. (For our purposes, I will simplify and say that a high-level content of an experience is any content of an experience that concerns more than color, shape,(More)