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Construction of the first stage of the Pierre Auger Observatory has begun. The aim of the Observatory is to collect unprecedented information about cosmic rays above 10 18 eV: The first phase of the project, the construction and operation of a prototype system, known as the engineering array, has now been completed. It has allowed all of the subsystems that(More)
Olive growing is a centenarian activity in Andalusia, Southern Spain. Andalusia holds the largest olive tree growing area in the world. In spite of the relevance of olive growing for the Mediterranean economy, the influence of soil biodiversity on olive crops has been seldom studied. We hypothesized that soil diversity must be well preserved because the(More)
This study shows that disturbance caused by cover-crop removal (CCR) in an organic olive orchard affects ground-spider populations. The effect of CCR on various organic olive-orchard plots was assessed by monitoring the abundance and diversity of ground-dwelling spiders. Covered plots in the organic olive orchard were compared with uncovered plots where the(More)
2006. Pollination ecology and seed production of Rhododendron ponticum in native and exotic habitats. Biodiv. Habitat fragmentation and population trends of the black and gold howler monkey (Al-ouatta caraya) in a semideciduous forest in northern Ar-gentina. Am. Introduction In the present study the presence of yeasts on the skin, and in the oral cavity and(More)
and numerical simulation of the thermal and fluid dynamic behavior of hermetic reciprocating compressors. and numerical simulation of the thermal and fluid dynamic behavior of hermetic reciprocating compressors. Detailed numerical simulation of laminar flames by a parallel multiblock algorithm using loosely coupled computers " , Numerical analysis of the(More)
This project seeks to produce a precise reuse specification/mechanism to develop immutable code. Through a combination of technical specifications, architectural specifications, advanced language elements, and consistent, structured documentation, the group will develop a thorough methodology to: 1. Produce general code that can, with minimal change, handle(More)
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