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Approximate timed co-simulation has been proposed as a fast solution for system modeling in early design steps. This co-simulation technique enables the simulation of systems at speeds close to functional execution, while considering timing effects. As a consequence, system performance estimations can be obtained early, enabling efficient design space(More)
As part of a 3-wk intersession workshop funded by a National Science Foundation Expeditions in Computing award, 15 undergraduate students from the City University of New York(1) collaborated on a study aimed at characterizing the voltage dynamics and arrhythmogenic behavior of cardiac cells for a broad range of physiologically relevant conditions using an(More)
A nearest-neighbor-interchange (NNI)-walk is a sequence of unrooted phylogenetic trees, $(T_1, T_2, \ldots, T_k)$ where each consecutive pair of trees differs by a single NNI move. We give tight bounds on the length of the shortest NNI-walks that visit all trees in a subtree-prune-and-regraft (SPR) neighborhood of a given tree. For any unrooted, binary(More)
The recent development of the Colombian legislation, have been identified the need to develop protective clothing to work according to specifications from the work done and in compliance with international standards. These involve the development and design of new strategies and measures for work clothing design. In this study we analyzes the activities of(More)
The present thesis aims at modeling of natural language within the framework of virtual assistants on mobile devices. Current mobile devices have a voice assistant, which is generated by a computer program that is able to recognize basic natural language that simulates a conversation. They can give information and offer a service through voice to text, text(More)
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