Juan Carlos Sánchez García

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In this paper we present an implementation of the LMS (Least Mean Square), NLMS (Normalized Least Mean Square) and other LMS based algorithms on the DSK (DSP Starters Kit) TMS320C6713 with the intention to compare their performance. We obtained the time and frequency behaviour, and the processing speed of the analyzed algorithms. The objective of the NLMS(More)
Wavelets operators are very important in most practical applications. Implementation of these operators in software and in commercial DSP hardware are popular. We are presenting an alternative hardware implementation of wavelets operators using mixed-mode signal techniques, that is, a judicious combination of analog and digital hardware implementations. The(More)
This paper describes the computational automatic supply chain configuration (SCC) based on fuzzy logic prediction actualizing automatically the chain stages considering different customer service level petitions. Each level is selected in accordance with the inference and the knowledge base process supplies (KBPS). The SCC model as an intelligent processes(More)
This paper proposes a voice codification based on two algorithms that make the wave form codification in time domain. The first uses the significant impulse model (SIM), which has as a goal to operate as an endpoint detector and as a dawn sampling, through the detection and selection of the significant valleys and crests; the second algorithm, is a(More)
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