Juan Carlos Sánchez-Aarnoutse

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Indoor navigation is a challenging task for visually impaired people. Although there are guidance systems available for such purposes, they have some drawbacks that hamper their direct application in real-life situations. These systems are either too complex, inaccurate, or require very special conditions (i.e., rare in everyday life) to operate. In this(More)
This paper investigates the use of Petri nets for modeling coordinated cyber-physical attacks on the smart grid. Petri nets offer more flexibility and expressiveness than traditional attack trees to represent the actions of simultaneous attackers. However, Petri net models for attacks on very large critical infrastructures such as the smart grid require a(More)
Today, obtaining and managing all the information about supply chains are key tasks for the improvement and progress of business and commercial strategies. Ubiquitous information technologies, like RFID, can be used for tracking and tracing of materials and items as they move through the supply chain. In this scenario, EPCglobal consortium provides an(More)
OverSim is a new open-source overlay network simulation framework based on the discrete event simulation system OMNeT++. OverSim includes several structured and unstructured P2P (peer-to-peer) protocols. It also includes an underlay model derived from the INET framework of OMNeT++, which includes simulation models of all network layers from the MAC layer(More)