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Logistics network and externalities for short sea transport: An analysis of horticultural exports from southeast Spain
This paper discusses the benefits of using short sea shipping in intermodal transport for fruit and vegetables. Multi-Criteria Decision Making techniques are applied to determine optimal allocationExpand
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The social dimension as a driver of sustainable development: the case of family farms in southeast Spain
The social pillar has often been treated as an ‘add on’ in sustainable development studies, and analyses of its ‘proactivity’ in economic, environmental, and social transformations to sustainabilityExpand
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Food exporters and co-opetition relationships: an analysis on the vegetable supply chain
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to provide empirical evidence on the influence of co-opetition on food exporting in different distribution channels, taking as reference the vegetableExpand
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Measuring the impact of crises in the horticultural sector: the case of Spain
The purpose of this paper is to review the literature on image crises in the food industry as well as provide a diachronic analysis to distinguish between the varying types of crises that played aExpand
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Is There an Image Crisis in the Spanish Vegetables?
Abstract The Spanish horticultural sector has been adversely affected by recurring crises in the last years, showing a significant economic impact upon demand. These crises have different sourcesExpand
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Product-country image and crises in the Spanish horticultural sector: Classification and impact on the market
This research provides a conceptual framework to analyse the concept of ‘crisis’ and its multiple origins in the Spanish horticultural sector, the largest horticultural exporter in Europe. For thisExpand
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Alternative Proposals to Measure Consumer Ethnocentric Behavior: A Narrative Literature Review
CETSCALE (Consumer Ethnocentrism Tendencies Scale), the scale developed by Shimp and Sharma in 1987 to study consumer ethnocentric behavior, has received preferential use in the literature, withExpand
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Feasibility Study for a Motorway of the Sea (MoS) between Spain and France: Application to the Transportation of Perishable Cargo
Abstract This paper studies the possibility of increasing shipping of fruit and vegetables from Almería (southeast of Spain) to Port Vendres‐Perpignan (southeast of France). Almería is one of theExpand
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Distribución óptima del transporte intermodal: aplicación a la exportación de perecederos
This paper discusses the benefits using intermodal transport for fruit and vegetables. Multi-Criteria Decision Making techniques are applied for optimal allocation between land or intermodalExpand
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Considering the consumer in the design of a supply chain of perishables
Customer satisfaction, contrary to a manufacturer based approach, is considered a key factor in the business strategy of many companies and in supply chain management. However, focusing on theExpand
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