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Many Caribbean coral reefs are undergoing a phase shift from coral to macroalgal dominance. Understanding the processes driving changes in algal abundance and community structure requires clarification of the relative effects of top-down (e.g., herbivory) and bottom-up processes (e.g., light, temperature, and nutrients). To date, a number of studies have(More)
  • Claudio Soto-Azat, Andrés Valenzuela-Sánchez, Barry T. Clarke, Klaus Busse, Juan Carlos Ortiz, Carlos Barrientos +1 other
  • 2013
Darwin's frogs (Rhinoderma darwinii and R. rufum) are two species of mouth brooding frogs from Chile and Argentina that have experienced marked population declines. Rhinoderma rufum has not been found in the wild since 1980. We investigated historical and current evidence of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd) infection in Rhinoderma spp. to determine(More)
The Southern Darwin’s frog Rhinoderma darwinii is a charismatic, mouth-brooding amphibian endemic to temperate forests of South America with a Vulnerable conservation status according to the IUCN Red List. We developed microsatellite markers from next generation sequence data that will aid genetic monitoring during and after re-introduction efforts. Using(More)
Clinal variation is defined as gradual variation in a character associated with geographic distance among sites. Microlophus atacamensis is a medium large lizard species which inhabits the intertidal zone of northern Chile, distributed from Antofagasta (23° 39′ S) to Arrayán, La Serena (29° 41′ S) in a gradient which could show clinal variation. Geometric(More)
Caribbean reefs have steadily declined during the past 30 years. Thermal disturbances that elicit coral bleaching have been identified as a major driver of such coral degradation. It has been suggested that either the evolution of more tolerant symbionts, or shifts in the distribution of existing, tolerant symbionts could ameliorate the effect of rising sea(More)
Maintemnce is a major activity in the telecommunications business. This paper describes a systems simulation study to investigate new work load assignment techniques and explore the potential for integrating related maintenance operations. The concept of a " Universal Technician " is introduced to facilitate the integration of tasks of differing(More)
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