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The pygmy raccoon Procyon pygmaeus and dwarf coati Nasua nelsoni, both endemic to Cozumel Island, Mexico, are two of the most endangered carnivores in the world, and their persistence requires active management. However, the taxonomic status of these populations remains unclear. Therefore we investigated mitochondrial DNA variation using the control region(More)
Population-level studies of parasites have the potential to elucidate patterns of host movement and cross-species interactions that are not evident from host genealogy alone. Bat flies are obligate and generally host-specific blood-feeding parasites of bats. Old-World flies in the family Nycteribiidae are entirely wingless and depend on their hosts for(More)
Resumen— La Identificación Biométrica, es decir, el reconocer a u n a p er son a p or a lgu n a ca r a ct er íst ica b iofísica o d e Abstract— The Biometric Identification, recognizing a person by some b ioph ysics ch ar acter ist ic or of b eh aviour, is b ecomin g increasingly important today. its importance lies in the limitations of current systems for(More)
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