Juan Carlos Morilla-Herrera

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BACKGROUND Demand for home care services has increased considerably, along with the growing complexity of cases and variability among resources and providers. Designing services that guarantee co-ordination and integration for providers and levels of care is of paramount importance. The aim of this study is to determine the effectiveness of a new(More)
BACKGROUND The information generated by nurses through standardised nursing languages is insufficiently evaluated and exploited, mainly in home care services, as is its potential impact on outcomes. OBJECTIVES To find out how often nursing diagnoses are made during nursing home care visits, and to explore their relation with use of resources, mortality,(More)
AIMS This protocol outlines a review and qualitative study to determine the models and effectiveness of Advanced Practice Nursing developed for the health care of people over 65 years in different settings (hospital care, home care, outpatients' care, and nursing homes) and to identify the ingredients of the interventions developed by Advanced Practice(More)
OBJECTIVE To undertake the cultural adaptation and the psychometric assessment of the Summary of Diabetes Self-Care Activities measure (SDSCA) in Spanish population with type 2 diabetes mellitus. DESIGN Clinimetric validation study. SETTING Primary health care centers of District Malaga and Valle del Guadalhorce. PARTICIPANTS Three hundred thirty-one(More)
BACKGROUND Pressure ulcers are considered an important issue, mainly affecting immobilized older patients. These pressure ulcers increase the care burden for the professional health service staff as well as pharmaceutical expenditure. There are a number of studies on the effectiveness of different products used for the prevention of pressure ulcers;(More)
RATIONALE, AIMS AND OBJECTIVES Case management is commonly used to provide health care for patients with multiple chronic conditions. However, the most effective form of team organization and the necessary support structures need to be identified. In this respect, patients' views could provide a valuable contribution to improving the design of these(More)
OBJECTIVES To identify, assess and summarize available scientific evidence about the effect of interventions deployed by advanced practice nurses when providing care to older people in different care settings, and to describe the roles and components of the interventions developed by these professionals. BACKGROUND In older people, evidence of advanced(More)
PURPOSE To identify the interventions provided by advanced practice nurses to older people in different contexts with standardized nursing language. DATA SOURCE This is a qualitative study. Content analysis was applied to the texts of experimental research papers about advanced practice nursing for older people. Deductive coding through the Nursing(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic diseases account for nearly 60% of deaths around the world. The extent of this silent epidemic has not met determined responses in governments, policies or professionals in order to transform old Health Care Systems, configured for acute diseases. There is a large list of research about alternative models for people with chronic(More)
BACKGROUND Early intervention with nutritional support has been found to stop weight loss in older people malnourished or at risk of malnutrition. Enriched food could be a more attractive alternative to improve meals, than conventional oral nutritional supplements. AIMS To determine the effectiveness of food-based fortification to prevent risk of(More)