Juan Carlos Morales Ruiz

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BACKGROUND Depression is highly prevalent in patients with physical illness and is associated with a diminished quality of life and poorer medical outcomes. OBJECTIVE The authors evaluated whether a multifaceted intervention conducted by a psychiatric consultation-liaison nurse could reduce the incidence of major depression in rheumatology inpatients and(More)
We face uncertainty in most economic decisions we take. This is particularly true in the case of a firm entering a foreign market where there is uncertainty about the size of the market, the distribution channels, the adequacy of the firm's product to local tastes, etc. Despite its obvious importance, this ingredient appears to have been largely overlooked(More)
BACKGROUND For individuals with AIDS, data exist relatively soon after diagnosis to allow estimation of "early" survival quantiles (e.g., the 0.10, 0.15, 0.20 and 0.30 quantiles, etc.). Many years of additional observation must elapse before median survival, a summary measure of survival, can be estimated accurately. In this study, a new approach to predict(More)
SUMMARY Pain is one of the most common complaints in the primary care setting. The frequency in the geriatric population is such, that it is considered a sanitary problem of epidemic proportions, which affects the quality of life of the individual and represents a big economic burden, related with the cost of the medical attention and the decrease of the(More)
BACKGROUND Despite an effective vaccine, 60,000 new HBV infections were reported in the US in 2004; 95% in adults. We evaluate HBV sero-prevalence, risk behaviors and self-reported vaccination among Latino immigrant, Asian immigrant and US born low income men in five northern California counties. METHODS Population based, cross sectional survey of HBV(More)
Background and problem statement: Diabetes constitutes a major burden for communities in terms of morbidity, mortality and health-care costs. The canton of Vaud plans to implement a prevention and chronic disease management program for diabetes. Methods: Meetings gathering cantonal and academic specialists in prevention and public health, GPs and(More)
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