Juan Carlos Mendoza

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This paper formalizes the commonsensical hypothesis that resource scarcity causes a large allocation of time and effort to appropriative competition. Our main innovation is to model explicitly the positive intertemporal effect of consumption on the probability of survival. The critical assumption is that this effect becomes stronger as resources become(More)
These papers are preliminary in nature: their purpose is to stimulate discussion and comment. Therefore, they are not to be cited or quoted in any publication without the express permission of the author. Preliminary – please do not cite or quote Abstract Housing policies for low-income families may affect the concentration of poverty in America, which(More)
This report outlines a planning approach taken by a Federal Government partnership that is meant to promote sustainable development in the future, integrating both sides of the United States-Mexican border. common borderland history of urban growth presumably based on changes in policy and economic incentives. We document changes over time in an attempt to(More)
The objective of this paper is to provide an overview of the changes in the calculation of minimum regulatory capital requirements for credit risk that have been drafted by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (Basel II). Even though the revised credit capital rules represent a dramatic change compared to Basel I, it is shown that Basel II merely(More)
It is well known that the immune response in sheep against Brucella melitensis is subject to individual variation, depending on diverse factors. It bears asking whether these factors (e.g. clinical disease, active infection, state of previous immunity), when affecting a group, can cause variation in the performance of different diagnostic tests. To clarify(More)
This paper analyses a general-equilibrium model of the complementarity between economic competition for the allegiance of subjects and military competition for the control of land. In our model economic competition between rival rulers for the allegiance of subjects results in their subjects, whether they are producers or soldiers, receiving incomes equal(More)
This paper studies the appropriative aspect of the struggle for survival. We assume that, if resources are scarce, then the probability of survival is low and the appropriation of additional resources has a large effect on the probability of survival. Consequently, resource scarcity causes people to allocate a large amount of time and effort to(More)
The influence of whistle register phonation exercises in conditioning the second passaggio of the female singing voice. ii To my family: My dad, the best teacher I've ever had, who taught me the value of hard work and exemplifies all the qualities of the mentor I someday hope to be; My mom, my role model, who encouraged me to dream and continues to support(More)