Juan Carlos Martínez-Santos

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This paper presents AquApp, an information system for a collaborative sensor network. AquApp deploys information collected from the water bodies of the city of Cartagena. The goal is to monitor the water bodies surrounding the city and to establish the current state of the sea. The system can determine the degree of pollution, water levels and environmental(More)
This paper presents a position-based visual servoing system with fixed camera to control the position of a five-bar linkage mechanism. The document records the goals set, the used methods, the obstacles encountered, the proposed solutions to them, and the progress made during the implementation, as well as achievements to reach in the future work. This(More)
This paper presents the evolution of an undergraduate microcontroller’s course that uses Arduino as its main platform. In earlier versions of the course, it focused on teaching Arduino’s framework and its interconnection to compatible hardware. This allowed rapid familiarization with the hardware and software, but students were losing the capability to(More)
Watermarking is a process of embedding copyright information into an image to verify the ownership without any kind of corruption. In optical applications, the usage of diffusers is required to obtain a homogeneously distributed spectrum. However, the use of a diffuser in the input plane and the finite size of the sensor leave the recovered watermark with(More)
An anaesthetic technique based on the use of a neuroleptic agent (Droperidol) and an analgesic (Fentanest) called Neuroleptoanalgesia, applied to Pediatric Surgery is presentend. This technique has been used in a series of 33 infants undergoing various surgical procedures. Doses given, results obtained and possible complications are discussed. This(More)
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