Juan Carlos Lopez Bernaldo de Quiros

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We conducted a retrospective, multicenter study evaluating the safety of discontinuing maintenance therapy for cryptococcal meningitis after immune reconstitution. Inclusion criteria were a previous definitive diagnosis of cryptococcal meningitis, a CD4 cell count of >100 cells/microL while receiving highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART), and the(More)
OBJECTIVES The aims of the present study were to determine if metabolic abnormalities and cytokine derangements are modified in HIV-1-infected patients after 12 months on treatment interruption (TI). DESIGN The design of this study was prospective randomized study. METHODS Longitudinal multicenter study in HIV-1-infected patients with a 12-month(More)
BACKGROUND The common response to stopping anti-HIV treatment is an increase of HIV-RNA load and decrease in CD4+, but not all the patients have similar responses to this therapeutic strategy. The aim was to identify predictive markers of CD4+ cell count declines to < 350/microL in CD4-guided antiretroviral treatment interruptions. METHODS 27 HIV-infected(More)