Juan Carlos González

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Because of the organ shortage, non-heart-beating donors have been proposed as a possible source of grafts for orthotopic liver transplantation (OLT). Despite the widespread use of controlled non-heart-beating donors, there are only a few published studies reporting the outcomes with uncontrolled non-heart-beating donors (UNHBDs). A prospective case-control(More)
In this paper, we propose a theoretical framework to analyze open government data, constituted by a supply and demand mechanism. Besides, we discuss the implementation of several digital government initiatives around the world, including relevant Mexican cases. And finally, we develop an example of data visualization for the Mexican federal budget,(More)
Dear Editor We read with interest the article by Ferrie et al. [1] on nutritional support in adult patients receiving extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO). The authors retrospectively audited 86 patients who received ECMO [venovenous (VV) or venoarterial (VA) mode] and fed using protocols that emphasize early enteral nutrition (EN). It is believed(More)
This paper proposes a novel polymorphic framework for optical networking and a seamless evolution path from optical circuit-switched towards optical packet-switched networks. We show that by simultaneously supporting several optical switching paradigms in a single physical topology, efficient and flexible optical networks can be built. The supported(More)
Mitigation policy and regulatory frameworks are consistent in their strong support for the mitigation hierarchy of: (1) avoiding impacts, (2) minimizing impacts, and then (3) offsetting/compensating for residual impacts. While mitigation frameworks require developers to avoid, minimize and restore biodiversity on-site before considering an offset for(More)
Computational Science and Engineering is an inherently multidisciplinary field, the increasingly important partner of theory and experimentation in the development of knowledge. The Computer Architecture and Operating Systems department of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona has created a new innovative masters degree programme with the aim of introducing(More)
Studies have demonstrated that an important factor to increase the success rate of software projects is the involvement of key stakeholders at the right time, in order to define business objectives, scope of the project and requirements. The Inception phase of projects is in charge to provide these outcomes and is suitable to really involve stakeholders as(More)
Biodiversity offsets provide a mechanism for maintaining or enhancing environmental values in situations where development is sought, despite negative environmental impacts. They seek to ensure that unavoidable deleterious environmental impacts of development are balanced by environmental gains. When onsite impacts warrant the use of offsets there is often(More)
A foot database comprising 3D foot shapes and footwear fitting reports of more than 300 participants is presented. It was primarily acquired to study footwear fitting, though it can also be used to analyse anatomical features of the foot. In fact, we present a technique for automatic detection of several foot anatomical landmarks, together with some(More)