Juan Carlos González Moreno

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We propose a new approach to declarative programming which integrates the functional and relational paradigms by taking possibly non-deterministic lazy functions as the fundamental notion. Programs in our paradigm are theories in a constructor based conditional rewriting logic. We present proof calculi and a model theory for this logic, and we prove the(More)
According to a well known conception, programs in a declarative programming language can be viewed as theories in some suitable logic, while computations can be viewed as deductions. In our opinion, there is yet no general assent on the logic to be viewed as the foundation of higher order, lazy functional logic languages. In this paper, we argue that a(More)
One of the key issues in development of Multi-agent System(MAS) is to follow the more suitable development process for a particular problem. This means that development process models must be defined. Definition leads to better process understanding, facilitates process measurement and improvement, and constitutes the basis for automating the process(More)
The formalization of engineering processes is necessary for guaranteeing the quality and cost of the products involved. Agent-oriented engineering has already proposed development processes that still need to be further formalized to be applicable by non-researchers. This paper proposes a technique to instantiate processes for specific agent-oriented(More)
Lately, serious games are a useful tool to learn how humans interact with each other and their environment. The best serious games are simulations that have the appearance of a game, but whose events and / or processes are non-game. Usually they include business domains and military operations (many games are popular entertainment on the basis of business(More)
Usually people make a visual representation of what they read. This is a fact inherent to their nature. Many efforts have been done in the last years to try to find a direct method to translate a text wrote on a natural language to a graphical representation. Some solutions try to represent mainly a static scene with the objects appearing in the text. There(More)
It is described that has been a noticeable increase in the use of agent oriented methodologies. Related to the process of requirements analysis and acquisition, various works have been published in recent years related to some methodologies. Despite this, there are not many proposals which seek to apply these results through its implementation with(More)