Juan Carlos Diaz y Carballo

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for dissemination) In this paper we describe an architecture which: Permits the deployment and execution of components in appropriate geographical locations. Provides security mechanisms that prevent misuse of the architecture. Supports a programming model that is familiar to application programmers. Permits installed components to share data. Permits the(More)
This paper describes an implemented system that is designed to support the deployment of applications offering distributed services, comprising a number of distributed components. This is achieved by creating high level placement and topology descriptions that drive tools to deploy applications consisting of components running on multiple hosts. The system(More)
The Internet is experiencing an overwhelming growth that will have a negative impact on its performance and quality of service. In this paper we describe a new architecture that offers a better use of Internet resources and help improve security at the server nodes. The Thin Server Architecture aims to dynamically push code and data in arbitrary locations(More)
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