Juan Carlos Acosta Guadarrama

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This paper is a characterisation in terms of Weak Constraints both for Minimal Generalised Answer Sets and Optimal Answer Sets, of an updates semantics that provides a solid foundation for the implementation of a system to debug knowledge bases. The proposed system can be employed both to identify conflicts with upcoming information from a dynamic changing(More)
the individual papers by the papers' authors. Copying permitted for private and academic purposes. Re-publication of material from this volume requires permission by the copyright owners. 5. P-stable models of strong kernel programs José Luis Carballido, Claudia Zepeda 6. A statistical approach to crosslingual natural language tasks 7. Brief study of the(More)
Revising and updating beliefs and knowledge bases is an important topic in knowledge representation and reasoning that requires a solid theoretical basis. As a result, various researchers have proposed Answer Set Programming as one of their key components to set up their approaches. In the need to satisfy more general principles, this paper presents a new(More)
Knowledge representation is an important topic in common-sense reasoning and Artificial Intelligence, and one of the earliest techniques to represent it is by means of knowledge bases encoded into logic clauses. Encoding knowledge, however, is prone to typos and other kinds of consistency mistakes, which may yield incorrect results or even internal(More)
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