Juan Carlos Acosta Guadarrama

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Revising and updating beliefs and knowledge bases is an important topic in knowledge representation and reasoning that requires a solid theoretical basis. As a result, various researchers have proposed Answer Set Programming as one of their key components to set up their approaches. In the need to satisfy more general principles, this paper presents a new(More)
This paper is a characterisation in terms of Weak Constraints both for Minimal Generalised Answer Sets and Optimal Answer Sets, of an updates semantics that provides a solid foundation for the implementation of a system to debug knowledge bases. The proposed system can be employed both to identify conflicts with upcoming information from a dynamic changing(More)
Belief Change under Incomplete Information Doctoral Thesis (Dissertation) to be awarded the degree of Doctor rerum naturalium Abstract In this dissertation I present some aspects of belief-change theory and representation of knowledge as one of the main theoretical basis to formulate semantics for updates of logic programs. Firstly, there is an introduction(More)
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