Juan Camilo Márquez

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We report a patient with sickle cell disease who developed spinal cord ischemia. Initial conventional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) was unremarkable, but diffusion-weighted imaging showed restricted diffusion in the cervical spinal cord. Follow-up MRI performed 3 days later showed development of findings on conventional images that confirmed the(More)
The brain activation associated with the Spinning Dancer Illusion, a cognitive visual illusion, is not entirely known. Inferences from other study modalities point to the involvement of the dorso-parieto-occipital areas in the spontaneous switchings of perception in other bistable non-kinetic illusions. fMRI is a mature technique used to investigate the(More)
Cerebral fat embolism is a known but feared complication of sickle cell disease, which leads to significant morbidity. Although trauma-related fat embolism is more frequent and its diagnosis is straightforward, fat embolism secondary to bone infarcts after vaso-occlusive events can be unrecognized. Lack of criteria make the clinical diagnosis of sickle cell(More)
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