Juan C. Plaza

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In this paper, we present several innovative techniques that can be applied in a PPRLM system for language identification (LID). We will show how we obtained a 535%0 relative error reduction from our base system using several techniques. First, the application of a variable threshold in score computation, dependent on the average scores in the language(More)
Mobile communication channels such as UMTS channels are affected by errors which show certain statistical dependencies. In this paper we tackle the characterization of error occurrences from a packet level perspective. We present a novel approach which consists of a generative model based on the interconnection of a Markov Gap Model, aimed to characterize(More)
Convergent service environments are required to deal with current tendency to heterogeneity in network contents and its inherent incorporation of more types of devices demanding services from multiple domains. Efficient management architectures are required to tackle issues regarding: media content, subscriber reachability and subscriptions information(More)
IP TV is the short form of Internet protocol television. It’s the technology that allows us to get television services via internet protocol over the computer networks instead of traditional cable TV medium. The multicasting technology is used in IPTV to send one packet that is being originated from one station to multiple stations at a time, is referred as(More)
Twenty molars, 10 from the maxilla and 10 from the mandible with furcation areas type II (Staffileno) were instrumented in their inter-radicular area with P10 instrument of Cavitron. It was established that the furcations of easier access instrumentation were the lingual o lower teeth and the buccal of the upper, and the most difficult accessibility were(More)
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