Juan C. Franco

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This article analyzes methods to reduce the exposure of personnel to high energy arcing faults to levels below 40 cal/cm and also defines a method to determine the limits of coordination among protective devices to identify where the selectivity could be jeopardized.
Franco, Juan. Rapid prototyping and design of a fast random number generator. Information in the form of online multimedia, bank accounts, or password usage for diverse applications needs some form of security. The core feature of many security systems is the generation of true random or pseudorandom numbers. Hence reliable generators of such numbers are(More)
In the LANL's PaScalBB network I/O nodes carry data traffic between backend compute nodes and global scratch based file systems. An I/O node is normally equipped with one Infiniband Nic for backend traffic and one or more 10-Gigabit Ethernet Nics for parallel file system data traffic. With the growing deployment of multiple, multi-core processors in server(More)
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