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In conventional sorption studies, the prior presence of contaminants in the soil is not considered when estimating the sorption parameters because this is only a transient state. However, this(More)
The reuse of wastewater for irrigation of agricultural land is a well established practice but introduces many contaminants into the terrestrial environment including pharmaceuticals and personal(More)
The analysis of pharmaceuticals and potential endocrine disruptors in the environment has rightly concentrated on their presence in wastewaters and possible contamination of receiving bodies, such as(More)
Sorption and leaching potential of ibuprofen, estrone and 17β estradiol were tested in two agricultural soils: one irrigated using municipal wastewater and the other used in rainfed agriculture.(More)
Lab-scale photolysis, biodegradation and transport experiments were carried out for naproxen, carbamazepine and triclosan in soil, wastewater and surface water from a region where untreated(More)
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