Juan C. Bohorquez

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Many collective human activities, including violence, have been shown to exhibit universal patterns. The size distributions of casualties both in whole wars from 1816 to 1980 and terrorist attacks have separately been shown to follow approximate power-law distributions. However, the possibility of universal patterns ranging across wars in the size(More)
Many high-profile societal problems involve an individual or group repeatedly attacking another - from child-parent disputes, sexual violence against women, civil unrest, violent conflicts and acts of terror, to current cyber-attacks on national infrastructure and ultrafast cyber-trades attacking stockholders. There is an urgent need to quantify the likely(More)
The many-body dynamics exhibited by living objects include group formation within a population and the nonequilibrium process of attrition between two opposing populations due to competition or conflict. We show analytically and numerically that the combination of these two dynamical processes generates an attrition duration T whose nonlinear dependence on(More)
Fights-to-the-death occur in many natural, medical and commercial settings. Standard mass action theory and conventional wisdom imply that the minority (i.e. smaller) group’s survival time decreases as its relative initial size decreases, in the absence of replenishment. Here we show that the opposite actually happens, if the minority group features(More)
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