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This paper introduces an efficient two-pass rendering technique for translucent materials. We decouple the computation of irradiance at the surface from the evaluation of scattering inside the material. This is done by splitting the evaluation into two passes, where the first pass consists of computing the irradiance at selected points on the surface. The(More)
"Bokeh" is a Japanese word used to describe the quality of the out-of-focus areas as rendered on film by a physical lens. In areas that are out of focus, the circle of confusion (i.e., the distribution of light absorbed onto film from a single point of light in the scene) is bigger than in areas that are focused. Different lenses distribute light within the(More)
We have developed software and statistical tools for linkage analysis of polygenic diseases. We use type I diabetes mellitus (insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, IDDM) as our model system. Two susceptibility loci (IDDM1 on 6p21 and IDDM2 on 11p15) are well established, and recent genome searches suggest the existence of other susceptibility loci. We have(More)
PDI and DreamWorks SKG entered into a co-production agreement to create "ANTZ," a fully computer-animated feature film. Among the many technical challenges we faced were crowd scenes. Since the film takes place in an ant world, many shots involve hundreds of ants and other insects. A crowd scene is any shot with too many characters to key frame by hand. The(More)
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