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Arrays of Cherenkov telescopes typically use multi-level trigger schemes to keep the rate of random triggers from the night sky background low. At a first stage, individual telescopes produce a trigger signal from the pixel information in the telescope camera. The final event trigger is then formed by combining trigger signals from several telescopes. In(More)
In ultra-scaled technologies, the absence of suitable models for the MOSFET aging mechanisms leads to a lack of understanding of their real impact on the circuit performance and reliability. In this work, models for two of the main reliability issues at device level, Bias Temperature Instability (BTI) and time dependent dielectric breakdown (TDDB), are(More)
Photomultiplier transit time variation due to different high-voltage settings is a significant problem that degrades the performance of the systems that try to recognize fast image patterns in arrays of this type of photosensors. This effect is especially harmful for the performance of the trigger system of Cherenkov telescope cameras. With the aim of(More)
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