Juan Bernardo Gómez Mendoza

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It is well known that the immune response in sheep against Brucella melitensis is subject to individual variation, depending on diverse factors. It bears asking whether these factors (e.g. clinical disease, active infection, state of previous immunity), when affecting a group, can cause variation in the performance of different diagnostic tests. To clarify(More)
This paper analyses a general-equilibrium model of the complementarity between economic competition for the allegiance of subjects and military competition for the control of land. In our model economic competition between rival rulers for the allegiance of subjects results in their subjects, whether they are producers or soldiers, receiving incomes equal(More)
This work treats the 3D facial model reconstruction process based on range images, and focusing on image acquisition, register and integration. The document has a comprehensive analysis of the triangulation and structured light technique for range image acquisition. Also, it is proposed a new data point sampling mechanism for the image registering process,(More)
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