Juan Bautista Garcia

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As a part of a screening programme developed to evaluate the antimicrobial activity of basidiomycetes, 317 isolates representing 204 species collected in Spain were screened against a range of human clinical pathogens and laboratory controls. Extracts from 45% of the isolates, representing 109 species, showed antimicrobial activity. Antibacterial activity(More)
Achieving a preventive attitude is the first step in eliminating cancer risk behaviours. This cross-sectional study evaluated the attitude towards the European Code against Cancer, in 3,031 relatives of cancer patients. The study looked for keys to improve attitude by means of educational interventions. Attitude was evaluated using a questionnaire with 63(More)
The European Code against Cancer includes some primary cancer prevention behaviours, which can be studied in the framework of psychosocial models of human behaviour as the ASE model (attitude-social influence-efficacy model). The objective of this study was to detect the factors that better explain cancer behavioural risk in relatives of cancer patients. A(More)
AIMS To investigate behavioural risk factors and self-efficacy among women diagnosed with breast cancer. BACKGROUND The appearance of new tumours in breast cancer survivors is influenced by risk behaviours. Knowing their prevalence and women's perceived ability to adopt a healthy lifestyle would allow designing educational interventions aimed at modifying(More)
The manipulation of growth conditions of microorganisms is a common strategy used by pharmaceutical companies to improve the quantities and spectra of secondary metabolites with potential therapeutic interest. In this work, the effects of fermentation media on secondary metabolite production from a set of Actinomycetes was statistically compared. For this(More)
Burnout syndrome is typified by three dimensions: emotional exhaustion (EE), depersonalization (DP) and low personal accomplishment (PS), and is prevalent among cancer care providers. The objective is to conduct a systematic review and meta-analysis of studies that evaluated the presence of burnout syndrome in professionals dedicated to the care of cancer(More)
Modifying multiple behavior risks is a promising approach to reduce cancer risk. Primary prevention advices of the European Code against Cancer were included in an educational intervention (EI) using social cognitive theories for motivating families with cancer experiences to adopt six cancer prevention behaviors. A randomized clinical controlled trial(More)
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