Juan Batalla

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A program of mass hepatitis A+B vaccination in preadolescents in schools was begun in the Catalonia in the last quarter of 1998. This study investigated the impact of the program by comparing the incidence of hepatitis A in vaccinated and unvaccinated cohort. The greatest reduction of the incidence rate of hepatitis A was observed in the 10-14 years age(More)
We base the surgical treatment of cryptorchidism on three points: a) identification of the testicle; b) release of the testicle and funiculolysis; c) fixing of the testicle. Out of a total of 95 cases of cryptorchidism, three presented no testicle and 92 were lowered into their sac in a single surgical operation. We consider the performing of careful(More)
Lipomatous hypertrophy of intervenous tubercle is a clinicopathological entity characterized by an accumulation of not capsulated fatty tissue, with its thickness exceeding 15 mm, in the atrial septum, above the fossa ovalis, at the intervenous level and protruding into the right atrium. It can be clinically associated with atrial electric abnormalities(More)
The prevalence of HBsAg and anti-HBs in a representative sample of 839 recruits from a cohort of 17–18 year-old males living in Barcelona has been determined by radioimmunoassay of eluates of finger-prick dried blood. It was 0.48% for HBsAg, and 3.22% for anti-HBs. All carriers of HBsAg were anti-HBe positive and had normal liver function tests. Half of(More)
Congenital diverticulum of the left ventricle is an uncommon cardiac malformation. We present a 45 years old woman, previously asymptomatic. The symptoms and electrocardiogramas suggested ischemic heart disease. The left ventriculogram demonstrated an isolated apical diverticulum, although the coronary arteries were normal. We will consider the(More)
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