Juan Bartual Pastor

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INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES The power spectral density can be used to find a hidden behaviour in a physical system. We studied postural behaviour in a healthy population, by means of power spectral density, and compared it with a situation of complete immobility. METHODS A group of healthy volunteers carried out the modified Clinical Test for Sensory(More)
One percent of excised thyroglossal duct remnants exhibit histologic malignancy, a thyroid papillary carcinoma in 80% of the cases. The prognosis is excellent except for anaplastic types. We report the case of a 44-year-old woman with primitive thyroid papillary carcinoma diagnosed histologically as thyroglossal cyst. Its unusual aggressiveness produced(More)
In 1905 Barany analyzed the nystagmus that appears during the irrigation of the ear with cold and hot water, justifying the phenomenon due to convectives currents in the horizontal semicircular canal. This hypothesis has been widely accepted until doubt was casted on it by the experiences carried out in the Skylab. Of the various mechanisms that could be(More)