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Municipalities need accurate and updated inventories of urban vegetation in order to manage green resources and estimate the profit of urban forestry activities. Earlier studies using high resolution satellite images have shown that automatic tree detection in urban areas using traditional classification techniques remains a very difficult task. This is(More)
Benefits of urban trees range from carbon sequestration, alleviation of the urban heat island effect, savings in energy consumption, appreciation of real estate, to the emotional effect on citizens [1-2]. Municipalities need detailed inventories of urban trees to quantify those benefits, determine the return of investment of forestry practices and to set(More)
We develop a change detection model of tree crowns in urban areas addressing the gradual transition of vegetation in space and the fuzziness of tree crowns in remote sensing images. In the model, crown memberships are estimated for two images using soft classifiers. Next, Gaussian surface fitting is applied on the crown membership images to obtain tree(More)
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