Juan Antonio Martínez

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OBJECTIVES To develop and validate a simple clinical prediction rule, based on variables easily measurable at admission, to identify patients at high risk of developing delirium during their hospital stay on an internal medicine ward. DESIGN Prospective study of two cohorts of patients admitted between 1 May and 30 June 2008 (derivation cohort), and(More)
Fungicides belong to a group of pesticides which inhibited fungal growth either causing damage to the cells or preventing the fungal development. As pesticides, they offer great economic and social benefits through the protection and preservation of materials, food and the prevention of diseases. Since pesticides are designed specifically to fight harmful(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to observe the effects of endoscopic injections of botulinum toxin (BT) in the gastric antrum on body weight and gastric emptying in obese patients. PATIENTS AND METHODS Obese patients were selected for the study. By endoscopy, 100 U of BT type A was injected into the prepyloric antral gastric wall. Before and after(More)
This paper describes the challenges and lessons learned when developing industrial-grade data translators aimed for the interfacing of power-flow programs with Electromagnetic Transients Program-type programs. It has been found that the greatest challenges to overcome include: 1) the lack, in the databases used in power-flow programs, of vital pieces of(More)
Objetivo: Analizar la seguridad del tratamiento con antiinflamatorios no esteroideos (AINE) en embarazadas con afección reumática. Métodos: Revisión sistemática. Se definió una estrategia de búsqueda bibliográfica sensible en MEDLINE (desde 1961), EMBASE (desde 1980) y Cochrane Library (hasta enero de 2008); se definió la población (mujeres embarazadas(More)
This paper discusses a model for evaluating the Quality of Service of a Campus-Wide network. The main goal is to achieve a mathematical model that can be applied to any network, providing its availability. The network where it will be tested has more than 5000 nodes with SNMP managed network devices. The model discards the classical approach to QOS that(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the efficacy of available drugs in undifferentiated spondyloarthritis (u-SpA). METHODS Systematic review of studies retrieved from Medline (1961-July 2009), Embase (1961-July 2009), and Cochrane Library (up to July 2009). A complementary hand search was also performed. The selection criteria were as follows: (population) u-SpA(More)
A rotating machine is a very complex device that involves electrical, mechanical and control systems. Therefore, the whole representation of a machine requires the specification of electrical and mechanical parameters, as well as control system data. The representation of the mechanical part and the control systems are only needed for low frequency(More)
The diagnosis and treatment of early arthritis is associated with improved patient outcomes. One way to achieve this is by organising early arthritis clinics (EACs). The objective of this project was to develop standards of quality for EACs. The standards were developed using the two-round Delphi method. The questionnaire, developed using the best-available(More)